About Franchise Connector

Who We Are

Franchise Connector is an independent affiliate of Business Alliance, Inc. (BAI), one of North America's largest franchise broker networks. Our primary mission is to identify, qualify, educate and counsel prospective franchisees toward partnering with the right franchisor and create a mutually beneficial experience. Our ability to shorten the search time for both the franchisee and franchisor is based on a thorough understanding of the objectives of both parties.

Franchisors do not have the time, staff and resources to screen and interview everyone who inquires about their franchise opportunities. We do that for them and for this reason, our services are at no cost to you. The franchisors are responsible for any fees incurred by Franchise Connector with nothing passed along to you. It is also important to note that you pay exactly the same franchise fee whether or not you use the help of a franchise Consultant.


Steve Loudon

About the Consultant

Franchise Connector was started in 2013 by Steve Loudon, a senior executive who spent more than 35 years employed by some of the world's leading financial printing and communications companies.

Steve has a reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor. He puts his clients first and loves helping others achieve their goals. Steve's objective is to provide options for those looking to take control over their destiny.

Steve is a US Army Veteran. He and his wife have 3 adult children and reside on Long Island, New York.